Nati Blanco §

Bailaora • Flamencotänzerin • Flamenco Dancer



Nati Blanco has developed a very feminine style, full of elegance and sensuality without losing force or expression. She stands out for her heightened control of her body, her musicality, and her presence and impact on stage.

The professional flamenco dancer lived 6 years in Sevilla and was born and raised in Germany. From an early age she began to dance ballet, jazz, and later flamenco. In the flamenco and spanish dance academy of Tomas Zybura and Cristina Haas in Cologne (Germany) she took her first steps in flamenco. There, she also received classes from Adrian Galia, Eva la Yerbabuena, Carmen Ledesma, and Concha Vargas.

Shortly afterwards, she moved to Spain to study in the well-known flamenco academy “Amor de Dios” in Madrid with teachers Maria Magdalena, La Tati, Belén Maya, Rafaela Carrasco, and others. Further along she continued her studies with diverse teachers from Jerez and Seville such as Mercedes Ruiz, Ana María López, Manuela Carpio, Andrés Peña, and Adela Campallo. Among her teachers in Seville, Manuel Betanzos has had an important role in her formation and continues to this day. She has also studied “bata de cola” from Yolanda Heredia and Alicia Marquez.

Currently, Nati Blanco is working as a dancer in various groups in Spain and Germany. Her profession has taken her on tour to the Americas, Africa, and all over Europe. She participated in the flamenco festival of Düsseldorf (Germany), dancing in the company “Rosa Martinez” with the collaboration of the famous dancer Tomás de Madrid. She was a dancer in the flamenco group “Con Soniquete” in Jerez with the well-knows singer Paco Peña, artistically known as “Gasolina Hijo”. She has had performances in the peñas Cernicalos and la Bulería, as well as dancing in various tablaos in Jerez (La Damajuana), Sevilla (La Meteora), Murcia (La Toná) and Alicante (Los Lunares). She has performed in London and in peñas and theatres in Germany. She was contracted as a dancer in the company “Concierto Andalúz” in Egypt. More recently Nati Blanco worked a short stint in a dance company in Quito (Ecuador) as well as being the principal dancer in a theatral project with Davíd Marín (gitar), Jesus Flores (singer), and Paco Vega (percussion) that debuted in Seville. Since 2009 she comes back to Cologne in Germany. Flamenco projects and performances in Cologne and all over the world.

In addition, Nati Blanco works as a flamenco dance teacher in Germany, Spain, and other parts of the world. She substitutes in the academy “Ados” of Isabel Bayón and Ángel Atienza in Seville as well as offering technique and choreography courses, both private and group classes. For a long time she has given regulare clases in Contratiempo, Cologne. Since then she is given clases in Cologne by her own.

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